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Tue, 09 Mar




VI International Colloquium of Philosophy Students Morelo-VERITAS On this occasion we had more than 40 participants, as well as the presentation of a book and a keynote lecture. Available via Zoom or Youtube Live.

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Horario y ubicación

09 Mar 2021, 09:00 CET – 12 Mar 2021, 14:30 CET


Acerca del evento



Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 839 7718 7719

Access code: MORELOS

BIOETHICS (S) 09:00 UTC-6 | 16:00 UTC +1

Ethics of the Indian, worldview or ecology? María Guadalupe Ortiz Hidalgo (UNAM)

Frankenstein, a model for bioethics Yulfren J. González (UVa)

An interspecies ethic: Unmasking reality Jorge Méndez Álvarez (UAEM)

Post-humanist ethics: critical convergences around anthropocentrism Michelle Narváez Jara (UANL)

COVID & CYBERONTOLOGY 10:45 UTC-6 | 17:45 UTC +1

Eudemic for the pandemic, in full expansion of cyberspace Luis Manuel Vasconcelos Bush (UAEM)

The latex mask of Capital: accelerationism, capitalism and aesthetics José Juan Tesoro Martínez (UAM)

Philosophy and coronavirus. A reflection on Covid 19 from Slavoj Žižek, Byung Chul-Han and Alexander Dugin. or ecology? Carlos Humberto Contreras Tentzohua (UAEM)

Virtuality as an opening to a double possibility of Being Jonathan Antonio Ubal Ebert (UAI)

The sacralization of space through rituals and its importance in rural Galicia in the COVID era Érica Calvo & Orestes Castro (USC)

PRESENTATIONS 13:30 UTC-6 | 20:30 UTC +1

Presentation of the book

Lives devoted to struggle: stories about communists

Leonid Nikolaevich Chernov & Ivan Vasilʹevich Milovanov

& from the collection of

Lives devoted to fighting

Editorial Revolution


Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 844 1027 6534

Access code: MORELOS


Ethics and responsibility. The common search for social justice Jorge Jared Platas Curiel (UNAM)

In favor of long-termism Why should we worry about the long-term future? Mat Rozas (USC)

Personal reasons in a broad and long-term sense Amanda Briones Marrero (USC)

Philosophizing about pro-abortion rhetoric Luis Palao Loayza (International Apologetic Society)

MORAL & GERMANOFILIA 10:45 UTC-6 | 17:45 UTC +1

Prolegomena towards a new ethos Bianey Gallegos Aguilar (UACH)

Ethics, moral formalism and radical honesty by Immanuel Kant Nicole Daneiva Zevallos Alarcon (UNSA)

The dialectic of opposition between the family and civil society and its resolution in the Hegelian state: contempt for anti-COVID norms Gabriel Iván Villegas Ramírez (CEF Tomás de Aquino)

Contemporary Kierkegaard Luis Carlos Sierra Avila (UAY)

CONSUMERISM & CRITICAL Tª 13:30 UTC-6 | 20:30 UTC +1

Beyond the transparency of evil and the lightness of good Rafael Antonio Flores Angeles (UANL)

Identity as a denial of identity or the forgetting of epimeleia heauton Nicole Daneiva Zevallos Alarcon (UNSA)

The consumed consumer. An approach to the cultural industry in Adorno and Horkheimer Alan Daniel Corna Aguirre (UAEM)

The predictions from Michel Nostradamus to the warning of Walter Benjamin Victor Rafael Domínguez Rodríguez (UG)


Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 822 9243 0372

Access code: MORELOS

ETHICS & EDUCATION 09:00 UTC-6 | 16:00 UTC +1

The educational and philosophical training process as a workshop of masks of the ethos José Gabriel Medina (UAEM) & Gerardo Pérez (UABJO)

Teaching perspectives on the teaching of ethics at the Upper Secondary level César Alí Pedraza Morales (UAM)

From autonomy to heteronomy and ... Back to autonomy? Materialist perspectives on the debate around ethics and its effectiveness Federico Parra Rubio (UniZar)

Ethics as our social adjustment Jairo Yerid Montes Ramírez (UAEM)

COVID & POLITICS (S) 10:45 UTC-6 | 17:45 UTC +1

Masks If you cover yourself, we cover ourselves! Damián Emanuel Martínez Ríos (Sapienta Institute)

Appeal to citizenship and self-government in times of crisis Carlos Antonio Pérez Galindo (UAM)

Epistemic notions of luck and risk: a conceptual clarification from the pandemic and vulnerability Guillermo Marín Penella (UGR)

Gendered states and global responses to the pandemic: the case of violence against women and the unnatural nature of disasters Iago Mora Arcas (USC)

AESTHETICS (S) 13:30 UTC-6 | 20:30 UTC +1

Notes for an aesthetic genealogy Irving Daniel Robledo Girón (UAEM)

The loss of the gesture in the era of masked civilization Alan Quezada Figueroa (UG)

Unmasking the Ancient Musical Ethos: The Musical Thought of Arístides Quintiliano Yolanda Picaseño Gómez (UP)

Animal ethics from Bataillean metaphysics Edgar Daniel Montes Saucedo (UAEM)


Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 891 3962 4706

Access code: MORELOS

CLASSIC THOUGHT 09:00 UTC-6 | 16:00 UTC +1

Good disposition with oneself as the basis for friendship in Aristóteles Felipe Muñoz Becerra (UCSC)

When ethos goes pathos Álvaro Fernández Sánchez (UAEM)

Self-care as a predisposition to caring for the community in the thought of Marco Aurelio Alejandro Jesús Pérez Quiñones (UNMSM)

The role of love in Plotinian ethics Oscar Raúl Vázquez Sánchez (UNAM)

POLICY (S) & LAW (S) 10:45 UTC-6 | 17:45 UTC +1

Pain as a legal ethos Emiliano Peláez Castañeda (UAEM)

Freedom and Causality. Effects on crime research and policy Israel Regino Islas Barajas (UNAM)

The Karamazov brothers: the criminal process and Freedom Gerardo González Aviña (UG)

Sketch and critique of a theology of the 'I' Aldo Félix Flores Cabrera (UAM)

CLOSING ACT 13:30 UTC-6 | 20:30 UTC +1



Dr. Irving Samadhi Aguilar Rocha

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