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Publications Policy

VERITAS/ estudiantes de filosofía is a free service to communicate, express themselves and express themselves freely. We believe that Veritas makes more information available, promotes a healthy exchange of views, and enables people to connect. We believe that censoring this content would go against the spirit of a service based on freedom of expression.

However, to uphold these values, we must stop abuses that jeopardize our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it promotes. As a result, there are certain limits on the type of content that can be hosted on Veritas. The limits we have defined meet the legal requirements and serve to improve the service as a whole.

If you consider that an item violates our policies, please inform us through the ' Contact ' link that you will find in the menu at the top.

Content limits

Our content policy is important to ensure that users have a positive experience. Please respect these guidelines. Keep in mind that sometimes we make exceptions for artistic, educational, documentary or scientific criteria, or if it represents another notable advantage for the public that we do not modify the contents.


Adult Content: At Veritas, we allow content that is not suitable for minors, including nude images or videos, but which will be marked as "adult content." All blogs marked "adult content" are placed behind an interstitial warning page.

There are some exceptions to our adult content policy:

  • Veritas cannot be used as a means of earning money from adult content. For example, do not create photoblogs or articles that contain advertisements or links to commercial pornography sites.

  • Content about illegal sexual practices, including images, videos or texts that represent or promote rape, incest, bestiality or necrophilia, among others, is not allowed.

  • Do not post or distribute intimate and sexual images or videos of private nudity, with sexually explicit or non-explicit content, without the consent of the people who appear. If someone has published without your consent an intimate and sexual image or video of a private nude with sexually explicit or non-explicit content where you appear, please inform us through contact .

Child protection: we have a zero tolerance policy for content that exploits children. Some examples:

  • Images of sexual abuse of minors: We will terminate the accounts of any user who posts or distributes images of sexual abuse of minors. We will also report that User to the competent authorities as dictated by law.

  • Pedophilia: any content that encourages or promotes sexual attraction to children is prohibited. For example: we do not allow articles with texts or images of children with an erotic tone, nor content with a sexual tone that implies the participation of a minor.

Hate speech: Our products are free speech platforms, but we do not tolerate content that incites hatred. We consider this type of content to be anyone that promotes or justifies violence, as well as anyone whose main objective is to incite hatred against individuals or groups of people because of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, nationality or sexual orientation or identity or any other characteristic associated with systemic marginalization or discrimination.


Violence: violent or morbid content should not be published to generate scandal or sensationalism or be free. If you want to publish graphic content in an informative, documentary, scientific or artistic context, provide enough information so that users have a global vision of the situation. Lastly, don't encourage others to commit acts of violence.


Terrorist content: We do not allow terrorist organizations to use Veritas for any purpose, including recruiting followers. Terrorism-related content, for example, content that encourages terrorist acts, incites violence, or commemorates such actions, is also strictly prohibited at Veritas.

If you post terrorism-related content in an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, provide enough information to give users a general idea of ​​the situation. Any explicit or controversial footage may be subject to age restrictions or may be preceded by a warning screen.


Harassment and threats: do not harass or intimidate anyone. If you use Veritas to harass or intimidate someone, we may delete your content or permanently prohibit you from accessing the site. Do not threaten anyone in your article or comment. For example, do not post death threats towards another person or group of people or content that encourages your readers to take violent actions against other people or groups.


Copyright: We always heed clear notices of suspected copyright infringement. You can find more information about our copyright policy here . Likewise, you cannot publish links to sites where other users can download third-party content without the authorization of their owners.


Personal and confidential data: Do not publish personal or confidential data of other people. For example: do not post credit card numbers or Social Security numbers that are not yours, or phone numbers that do not appear in the directory or driver's license numbers of other people. Also, do not publish or distribute images or videos of minors without the necessary consent of their legal representatives. If someone has posted an image or video of a minor without the necessary consent, please let us know here . On the other hand, keep in mind that data that is available on another website or in public records is not usually considered confidential or private according to our policy.


Impersonation and falsification of information: do not impersonate any other person or entity or provide false information about yourself. This includes impersonating any person or organization that you do not represent; provide misleading information about the identity, qualifications, ownership, purpose, products, services or business of a user or a website; or imply non-existent affiliation or sponsorship relationships with other people or organizations.

It also includes content or accounts that misrepresent or hide their ownership or main purpose, for example, intentionally hiding or misrepresenting your country of origin or other real information about you by directing content on political issues, social issues or matters of public interest to users. from a country other than yours. By this we do not mean that you cannot post parodies or satires, or use pseudonyms or nicknames, just that you avoid content that may confuse readers regarding your real identity.


Misleading content: do not distribute content with the intention of deceiving, manipulating or confusing users. This includes the following:

  • Misleading content related to civic or democratic procedures: Content that is demonstrably false and may significantly undermine public participation or trust in civic or democratic procedures. This includes all information that contradicts the official records of the State regarding public voting procedures, the admissibility of a candidate according to age or place of birth, electoral results or census participation. It also includes false statements that a political figure or public official has died, been involved in an accident or is suffering from a sudden serious illness.

  • Deceptive content related to harmful health practices: Deceptive health or medical content that promotes or encourages others to engage in practices that may cause physical or emotional harm to people or pose a serious risk to public health.

  • Manipulated media: media that have been tampered with or technically altered, with the intention of deceiving users and that pose a notorious risk of serious damage.

Misleading content may be allowed in educational, documentary, scientific or artistic contexts, but please provide enough information so that users fully understand the context. In some cases, this content will not be allowed on our platforms no matter how much context you provide.


Illegal Activities: Do not use Veritas to carry out or promote illegal or dangerous activities. For example: do not encourage people to perform satanic rites and kill babies. Also, do not use Veritas to sell or promote illegal drugs. In more serious cases, such as child abuse, we may report you to the competent legal authorities.


Attitudes against gender equality: Veritas is a feminist and inclusive magazine for the trans community. We value the contributions of feminist criticism for a critical and updated attitude of philosophical reflection and social analysis. We do not tolerate TERF content, nor do we accept premises of a sexist, macho and patriarchal nature; Except for the contributions that have a historical character and by necessity cannot be changed, for example, a study of the conception of women in Schopenhauer.


Regulated Goods and Services - Do not use Veritas to sell or facilitate the sale of regulated goods and services such as alcohol, gambling, unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons or medical or sanitary devices.

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