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Facebook is a weird company. I’m sure they are trying to make as many $$ as possible. Why else do you think they would be so willing to bend the rules so much and attempt to steal even more money from your wallet? Perhaps they are hoping that the next big thing will be social media! I don’t think it’s either “a big company” or “a small company”. I think Facebook is an organization that people choose to voluntarily join and join freely. It’s like any other group of people voluntarily trying to accomplish the same purpose: making money. facebook is a big company that in a bit of market hegemony. i think the purpose of facebook is to connect people through social media. and thats why it can give away some of its resources to new apps, because they can share some of its power Facebook is not a big company. Only big companies are big companies. That was the point of the article, that Facebook is not a big company. the purpose of Facebook is to make money. The point of an article or news is to inform people. Informing people about Facebook doesn’t make money for Facebook. That’s why Facebook posts fake news. Mark Zuckerberg likes to say that “you have all the power”, but that power is only because they have decided to give it to you. Facebook isn’t a big company, it’s a government, people live in, they govern themselves, and that’s why Facebook is different from every other company in the world. Facebook doesn’t give away power, they give you the tools to control the power. Everyone has been brainwashed into thinking that Facebook is a “big company” when it’s not, and that’s because the media is a tool used by large corporations to control the public. That’s why Facebook is working so hard to control the media, so that people don’t realize that it’s a tool used to control them. For the record, I’m a part of a big company, the NSA. But I’m not too worried about what they are doing, because they aren’t trying to be “big”, they just wanna be efficient. You’re looking for conspiracies when there isn’t one. I don’t





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Tinymodel Princess Set 189 Full [Latest]

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