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Terms and Conditions


This information is of interest to the User who visits the website , so we advise you to carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of Use, which are intended to regulate the existing legal relationship between the User and VERITAS/ estudiantes de filosofía (hereinafter, VERITAS), as the use of this website implies acceptance of these conditions by the User. These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate access, navigation and use of the website located at (hereinafter, the website).

This website and its services are managed by VERITAS, providing Website Users with access to content and services related to our activity, and our collaborators. Said content includes information, images, blogs, photos, videos, texts, forums and similar content (hereinafter SERVICES). The use of the website, regardless of the way used to access said website, implies the conclusion of a contract that the User enters into with Veritas.

FIRST.- Information regarding the ownership of the website.

The administrator of the website is, while there is no organization, José Fernández López, with ID 35592739D and address at Calle Castelao, 50; 27880, Burela (Lugo), Spain.

If the User wishes to contact VERITAS, they have the following means:

SECOND.- Object and scope of application.

These conditions of use regulate access to the services offered by VERITAS through its website, as well as their use by the User. Access to certain content and services may be subject to certain particular conditions, which would replace or complete these conditions of use. In case of contradiction, the terms of the particular conditions will prevail over the general ones.

THIRD.- Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

From the use of the website by the User, their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use is derived.
Said terms may undergo modifications in the future, which is why Users who are registered at the time will receive notifications alerting them to such modifications by email.
So that the User can know when the latest modifications have come into force, the date of their entry into force will be inserted at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
Likewise, Veritas will have the power to suspend or modify all or part of the website, its contents, services or functionalities.

FOURTH.- Information sent by the User.

The information that the User submits to our website will be regulated under the sixth and seventh Clauses, as well as the one referring to the VERITAS Privacy Policy.
In the event that the User sends personal data to third parties, which are connected to our website, the collection and processing of said data may be governed by the Privacy Policy of said third parties, and Veritas is not responsible for said third-party treatments. .
In turn, the User will be responsible for the veracity, accuracy and integrity of the information provided to us, as well as for its updating to reality. In the event that said information turns out to be incorrect, misleading or constitutes a violation of this contract, or damages the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, Veritas neither endorses nor is responsible for said harmful content or its use.
In this case, it will be subject to the provisions of the content control clause. In the event that the User decides to disclose personal information to third parties, or to the general public, they will do so at their own risk and expense, and Veritas is not responsible.

FIFTH.- Rules of conduct.

The use of the Veritas website results in the User's acceptance of complying with the applicable laws and regulations, respecting the legitimate rights of third parties and due diligence in their efforts to avoid any inadmissible, defamatory or harmful behavior. In addition, the User agrees to submit to certain rules of behavior, which will mean that, in the event of non-compliance, Veritas may terminate its use and terminate the contractual relationship with these conditions of use. In this sense, it will be strictly prohibited:

  • Store, transmit or facilitate, through our website or in connection with it, any threatening, harassing, denigrating, obscene, pornographic, offensive, defamatory, fraudulent, illicit or harmful content of the legitimate rights of third parties, or use the website for such purposes. Also with respect to those contents from which criminal or civil liability may be derived, encourages criminal behavior or favors the performance of illegal activities, or use the website for such purposes.

  • The use of malicious programs or codes or other computer codes, files or programs that are harmful, invasive or intended to damage the operation or control of the hardware, software or equipment.

  • The publication of commercial communications, of any kind, not authorized.

  • The publication of information not included in public records relating to companies without due authorization.

  • The impersonation of the identity of another User or entity, falsely declaring or implying that the Veritas website supports any declaration or registration that the User makes without authorization.

  • Interfere with or interrupt the operation of the website or its servers or networks. Likewise, the restriction or impediment of the use of the VERITAS website to any person shall also be prohibited.

  • Access to the website by means other than, or unauthorized, those assigned by Veritas.

  • Eliminate reservations of rights, trademark or any note on intellectual property rights.

  • Finally, the use of robots, web search engines or applications to recover, index, data mining, scrape or the reproduction or evasion of the navigation structure or presentation of the Veritas website without authorization, except for those search engines used by individuals habitually in internet data traffic.

Ultimately, the User must respect the applicable legislation, morals and good customs, public order and these conditions of use.

SIXTH.- Contents generated by Users.

The website allows the User to provide information and materials in the format of images, articles, photos, videos or texts, as well as a link to their repositories platforms, of which the User will be the owner of all rights that may fall on The same, without prejudice to the granting of a license granted to VERITAS, worldwide and free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, without additional consideration to the User or third parties, to:

  • Reproduce, distribute, transmit, represent, exhibit, disseminate and communicate or make the work derived from the shipment available to the public.

  • Use the User's name, photograph, portrait, image, voice or biographical information provided by the User to send communications of interest for the contractual relationship that is taking place between the User and Veritas.

In the event that the User does not wish to assign said rights, they must refrain from sending Veritas or the website any shipment or content.

SEVENTH.- Responsibility for the content of the website.

The User declares and guarantees that he is legally empowered and qualified to sign this contract, that he is the sole owner or is duly authorized to exploit the rights over the texts, images or videos that he sends or links to the website, that he has obtained the consent or authorization of any identifiable person (or their parents / guardians in the case of minors or the incapacitated) that appear in said materials, that said contents do not violate any right or legitimate interest of third parties, that the shipment made is not subject to confidentiality clauses , as well as compliance with all regulations applicable to said shipment.
The opinions expressed in the texts or in the comments sent to the entries regarding the materials contributed by the Users, do not necessarily have to reflect the opinion of Veritas. Likewise, the information on the website will be considered merely informative, not replacing in any case specific and specialized advice.
The external links that may appear on the website lead to sites managed by third parties, which is why Veritas will not be responsible for the content or status of said third-party sites.

EIGHTH.- Content control.

The website may control or evaluate shipments at any time, without the need for prior notice, before or after they appear on the website, verifying whether the User has effectively obtained all the necessary rights and authorizations.

In this work, the website may require the cooperation of the User, and in the event that illegality, defamation or injury to the rights or interests of third parties is perceived, or the contradiction with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website, by of any User, said circumstance may be made known to VERITAS through the email address .

The User must give evidence of said situation in his communication to Veritas, so that, once the email is received, Veritas undertakes to examine the alleged irregularity of the content and take the appropriate measures, being able to request more information from those involved.

NINTH.- Disclaimer.

Veritas does not guarantee that the service provided by the website will not suffer technical interruptions at any time, nor that it is updated, as well as its contents at all times. However, Veritas undertakes to carry out all the necessary tasks to correct the errors, as soon as it becomes aware of it, as long as there are no causes that make it impossible or difficult to execute.

Likewise, Veritas does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in content or information linked to the website, provided they are unrelated to it, or of security damages that may arise as a result of:

  • Virus on the User's computer used to connect to the web.

  • A malfunction of the User's browser.

Veritas is not responsible for the non-publication, or defective publication, of the content sent by users. All comments received may be reviewed and moderated by the website administrator. Nor is Veritas responsible for the consequences derived from the elimination of those comments that do not comply with the participation rules.

TENTH.- Security.

Veritas does not have the means to guarantee the security of the web and this work ceases in the contracted company
Veritas will not be responsible in any case for incidents that may arise around personal data when they derive either from an attack or unauthorized access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible to detect by the security measures implemented or when they are due to a lack of diligence of the User.

ELEVENTH.- Commercial relations.

Veritas does not have commercial relations with its users, but reserves the right that in the future it may modify and establish economic relations, previously informing the Users that appear in the registry.

TWELFTH.- Termination of the Terms and Conditions of Use contract.

This contract will remain in force until its termination. Veritas reserves the right to terminate the use of the website by the User or any associated content and information, with reasonable notice and for justified cause, at any time.

THIRTEENTH.- Intellectual Property Policy.

This website is under the jurisdiction of Spanish laws, national and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.
The contents, trademarks, patents, trade names and information that appear on the web are not protected under our copyright, but rather depend on the User who has generated them and who has the copyright. Veritas has the concession for the use and exploitation of the content provided by users, regulated by clauses four, six and seven.
A large part of the images, articles, photos, videos, texts, forums and similar content that appear on the website are generated by the Users themselves, who will appear referenced, indicating the author and / or the organization that owns such resources.
Regarding the allusions or citations that Veritas makes about third-party content, the corresponding Intellectual and Industrial Property rights will be recognized in favor of their owners, their appointment on the website does not imply responsibility on the part of Veritas over them, or endorsement , sponsorship or any recommendation to said holders, unless it is expressed in that sense.

FOURTEENTH.- Privacy Policy.

In accordance with article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, as well as Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016; The User is informed of the inclusion of their data in the file "Veritas Contact List", which is owned by Veritas, and whose purpose is to manage the organization's contact agenda, as well as to communicate informative and interesting actions for the user. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition to the treatment and portability of the data, in the terms established in the current legislation by means of communication through the email indicating "ARCO Rights" in the subject of the message.

This Privacy Policy refers to the VERITAS websites, not to the policies that concern third parties that appear on them, or that operate on websites that contain links to the VERITAS pages, for which Veritas is not responsible for the possible consequences derived from the activity that the User carries out under said policies.

The treatments that Veritas performs on the personal data collected from Users will be limited exclusively to:

  • Respond to your questions and attend requests.

  • Provide information on the services that Veritas offers on its websites, as well as on events of various kinds.

  • Notify information regarding the modifications that these Terms and Conditions of Use may undergo.

  • Allow the User to interact and participate in the interactive content offered by the web pages.

In turn, the information related to the User will be retained for the period necessary to fulfill the objectives indicated in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer period is required, or permitted or required by Law.

Finally, Veritas recommends that the User refrain from sending personal information, since it will not be required by the website at any time.

The channels through which Veritas may collect personal data from Users are:

  • Contact forms and email: Veritas makes contact forms available to the User regarding certain services provided on the website. The personal data that the User agrees to provide through said means of contact will be processed in an automated way and incorporated into the corresponding file, for which Veritas is responsible.

  • Social Networks: Veritas has profiles on the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc ...), with each of the platforms or social networks being responsible for the processing of these data with respect to the followers or subscribers with whom said profiles have. in each case.

  • Newsletters, Newsletters or e-mail: among other services, Veritas makes available to Users the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter regarding the activities, publications or presentations that Veritas plans to carry out. Said delivery will be automatic and free for the User, who may unsubscribe you at any time.

  • Cookies: these are files created in the User's browser to record their activity on the Veritas web pages, and ensure that browsing is as efficient and personalized as possible with respect to the habits manifested by the User. Types of cookies installed (technical), name of cookies, purpose, specific policies of the entities whose cookies we install.

SIXTEEN.- Cookies Policy.

In compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter LSSICE), and in accordance with European Directive 2009/136 / CE, Veritas informs you that part of the services offered by the website use cookies.

In these Terms and Conditions of Use, you will be clearly informed about the type of cookies and the purpose for which they are intended, but if the User wishes to collect more information about them, you can send an email to the following address :

Cookies are small files stored on the device that the User uses to navigate the Internet, and they are used to store information of various kinds: frequency of visits to the Veritas website, browsing preferences, information of interest to the User, etc. This information will allow the organization to improve the quality and functionality of the website.

Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Internet, and are activated in the browser settings, helping to identify and resolve possible operating errors on the website. Depending on the purpose for which the data obtained through cookies is processed, you can find:

  • Technical cookies: allow the User to navigate through a web page, platform or application, and the use of the options or services offered therein.

  • Personalization cookies: they allow the User to access services that have predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria in the User's terminal.

  • Analysis cookies: allow the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of the Users of the website to which they are linked. Said data is used to measure the activity of websites, applications or platforms, and to create browsing profiles.

  • Advertising cookies: allow the effective management of advertising spaces, so that specially personalized advertising content for the User is obtained.

  • Cookies from external social networks: they are used so that visitors to these platforms can interact with their content, being generated exclusively for the Users of said networks.

Likewise, the User accepts the use of the following cookies, which Veritas informs him that it uses:

  • Own Cookies: they are sent to the User's computer and managed by, in order to improve the functioning of the website, so it is not responsible for the actions taken by wix at any time. These cookies will remain in the User's browser for the time necessary to be able to recognize him as a visitor to the website, and adapt the content to his preferences.

  • Cookies from external social networks: they will depend on their own conditions and policies of use.

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Youtube

    • Google Plus

  • Cookies of encyclopedias and academic networks: they will depend on their own conditions and policies of use.

    • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    • Encyclopedia Britannica

    • Academy

    • Philpapers

    • Philosophy Compass

The User must know from the first moment that Veritas will not be responsible for the content, timeliness and veracity of the Cookies, Privacy Policies or the Terms and Conditions of Use of third parties included in the previous links.

The User will show their consent to Veritas regarding the use of the cookies listed above, by browsing and continuing on the website, under the conditions set forth in this Cookies Policy.

In the event that the User wishes to disable and block cookies, from Veritas, and in compliance with current legal regulations, the necessary information is made available that will allow him to configure the Internet browser to maintain privacy and security regarding said files. That is why, below, you will be provided with the necessary information and links to the official technical support sites of the main browsers to decide whether or not you want to accept said use of cookies. However, the User must know that Veritas will not be responsible for any deficiencies that the User may suffer in their experience while browsing the website, since the deactivation or blocking of certain cookies may cause errors or poor navigation.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer : you must click on the "Tools" menu option, then on "Internet Options", then on "Privacy" and, finally, on "Settings". Link of interest.

  • Firefox : you must go to the menu option "Tools, then" Options ", then" Privacy "and, finally," Cookies. "Link of interest.

  • Google Chrome : you must go to the "Options" section, then to "Advanced options" and, finally, to "Privacy". Link of interest.

  • Safari : You must go to the "Safari" menu, "Preferences" and, finally, to the "Privacy" section. Link of interest.

  • Opera : you must go to the "Security and Privacy" option, where you will find the necessary browser configuration options. Link of interest.

Finally, it is possible that Veritas update at some point, and without prior notice, the Website's Cookies Policy, in which case the update date of the Website's Terms and Conditions of Use would be modified in the same way, so that the User can know the moment in which said change has occurred. The entry into force of these modifications will be determined by the aforementioned update date.

SEVENTEENTH.- Jurisdiction.

The present conditions of use of the website will be governed by Spanish law, the language of writing and interpretation being Spanish.
Likewise, the parties to the contract, expressly waiving any other applicable forum or jurisdiction, agree to submit to the courts and tribunals of Lugo (Spain), to resolve any controversy that may arise from accessing or using the website.

May 29, 2020

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